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            10/22/2005 - Been awhile since the site has been updated but I am back now and hope to be updating more

            12/31/04-1/02/05 - NEWYEARS 04

            11/25/04 - Thanksgiving was great, check out the pictures 

            8/14/04 - Moved into the new house (have been living out of boxed ever since)

            3/30/04 - Aerosmith’s new CD hits stores check it out  

            1/27/04 - Web site is up, everything is still under construction 

            1/19/04 - Bought a new 04 Corolla 

            1/16/04 - Taurus finally gave out  




               Pic of the week :  Once again New years at deep creek was great, take a look at the rest of the pictures




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