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    Here are some of my favorite video clips I have acquired over time click on the pictures to see the video

Friends and Family

Lauren In the snow :  This is Lauren trying to steal the neighbor's snow shovel during the heavy snow we had in 2003   


Mike and Timmy:  While up in New York for Sean's wedding Mike meet a new friend.


Ebony and Ivory:  When Lauren and I do get married Jay has made us a promise...

Roy and Johanna's Wedding slideshow:  All our best to the new couple



Just good stuff

Bubb Rubb:  This is just a classic...


Bad day:  This is an old on but is always make me laugh

Blind date: Hard to say anything that won't give it away, but I think you will like this

Outpost commercial:  Any one remember the outpost gerbil????


The Best of T.T and Mario:  This an odd SNL skit but it has become an inside joke.  The full clip is a large one.

Full             Clip    


The Nut Bra :  I guess this is what we all get to look forward to

Family Guy :